Year 2 - n.4 - October 2002


The Symbolism of Water  (the third part)


The water, whose we have spoken, is above all the sea water; in the depth psychology it represents the explosive power of the unconscious.

But water is also rain that falls from the sky to fertilize the land: promise and life guarantee, because without the sacred union between sky and earth, visible by the rain, there would not be the crops, fruits and the animals. 



Water that falls like rain is of male sign (as it is told in the Danae' Greek myth, who conceived the hero Perseo through Zeus changed in golden rain), while the spring waters, populated by fantastic and wonderful creatures, but also dangerous, are of female sign. The Greek Naiadi are an example.

Other dangerous water creatures, that live among sky, earth and sea, but inevitable for a man who wants to know them, are the Mermaids.

One day, my dear reader friend, I will speak to you about the Mermaid that is strictly linked to the land and the myth of Naples: the Mermaid Partenope.

Italo Sarcone