Year 1 - n.4 - September 2001



 Italo Sarcone was born in Naples in 1946. He grew up in an artisan shop set in the popular street of Naples called San Gregorio Armeno. His father practiced the sacred statuary art, helped by his elder son. He is not, strictly, a real Neapolitan because his family was native of Calabrittto, a little town in Irpinia. On the other hand he loved Naples very much, even if he never forgot his rustic origin, whose he was always proud. 

When he was 8 years old he was orphaned and after two years his brother died too, so without master and shop, he was obliged to give up art. He began to study and showed to have a certain genius. He obtained a classical diploma and then he went to Arts Faculty in Naples. There he got a degree in Classics becoming, then, permanent teacher of Latin and Greek in a public high school called " Antonio Genovesi", set in the famous Piazza del Gesù Nuovo in Naples. His researches into ancient mythology, with some short and easy raid in the field of hermetism and alchemy, met with his strong interest in the crib and its tradition. 

He published some books that you could find on the market with difficulty:
  • In Limine - guida fantastica ai misteri di Napoli, Napoli 1986

  • Il sogno di Benino – alchimia del presepe popolare napoletano, Salerno 1989   

  • La parola e la pietra – invito alla epigrafia, Napoli 1992

  • Silva Ingens – antologia latina, Torino 1996 (in collaborazione con Guido Silvestro)