Year 2 - n.3 - June 2002


Dear Readers,

we have kept the promise to publish the new number of our magazine on 21st June , day of the summer solstice. It is not important to underline the importance of this date because we already did the last year; we are happy people like our magazine and so we want to thank you. By reading the articles, you will note our study on crib art  is touching on several topics regarding the symbolism of Neapolitan crib, the crib art and the social background.

In this number we are still speaking about the symbolism of the water (the second part) and we are starting to show you the characters of the popular crib, starting from the famous Benino (the first part).

By wishing you a good read and  pleasant holidays, we remember you that the next number will be still richer of information, according to the philosophy of our magazine. Follow us also under the beach umbrella or on the hammock because the love for the crib art goes always with who loves it, also on holidays.


Italo Sarcone