Year 2 - n.2 - May 2002


Dear Readers,

sorry for the delay of the issue of  the second number of our magazine. In this second year of issue, believe us, it isn't always possible to be on time because our job contemplate a material effort to write and publish these pages on the site, but also a careful preparation  and a serious intellectual work. If we have broken the spring appointment, we will not do it in the summer solstice. Please, wait for the next number on 21st June. Anyway, this number is going to try to keep the promise that we made in the last number, publishing an article for each section:

  • Historical-symbolic section: the first part of an article on the symbolism of water; this section  will show the crib characters too, such as the famous Benino;

  • art and craft section;;

  • the background; 

  •  the crib in the world: from the Munich Museum we received an article called  "Nativiety Scenes from the Alpine region and Munich"; while the Bethlem Diorama of Einsiedel, that shows the largest crib in the world, authorized us to publish some photos of crib with their descriptions.

The four sections of the magazine will have an own index, revised constantly, to make  the reference easier .

Have a good read and see you on 21st June.


Italo Sarcone