Year 2 - n.1 - December 2001

Eloisa Intini's biography

Eloisa Intini
Gaeta - Latina
Teacher of Music History in the school of music in Avellino, Intini qualified as a pianist. She also graduated in Philosophy and specialized in Music Palaeography. Musicologist and a passionate researcher, she published some works on Neapolitan musical institutions in the 18th century. She was always fond of art and loved the maiolica. She devoted herself to artistic maiolica and to Neapolitan crib. After some her own exhibitions on the maiolica and on the crib in Italy, she took part in an important one with Faenza ceramics for crib "minuterie" in San Leucio Belvedere (Caserta). She also exposed in Rome (a personal exhibition in Palazzo Barberini), in Florence ( Palazzo Corsini), in Milan and abroad, Nice and Languedoc (France)


Eloisa Intini