Year 1 - n.4 - September 2001




Dear readers, this is the last number of the first series of our magazine published during the winter solstice of the last year. We kept some promises made in the first number of magazine.In fact we ivited some foreign authors to cooperate with us. For this reason we welcomed to Dott.ssa Maria Hubert von Staufer who sent us two important articles: "Time in the popular crib" and "Hidden Egypt" that devoloped and enriched the discourse about crib tradition. We also kept the purpose expressed in the title of the first editorial " Not only crib". In fact we spoke about topography, art and culture too. Please continue to visit our site. See you the next number of magazine that we will publish again next winter solstice, near Christmas. We promise you that it will be richer and more interesing, too. .