Year 1 - n.2 - March 2000


"From the winter  solstice to the spring  equinox"

 Dear Readers,

it is with a certain degree of satisfaction that I am introducing here  the second number of our multimedia magazine, since the previous one was quite a success  considering the high number of visits we  registered.

It will certainly not go unnoticed  that  the publication date is 21st march, the day which coincides with the  equinox of spring, just as the first number was published on 21st december, the day of  the winter solstice. To follow  suit the next numbers will be published on 21st june and 23rd september, this means that our magazine with be positioned at the  extremities  of the equinox and solstice  axes, which align our cosmo, not only physically but also spiritually.

It is  something that we are attempting  to do,  only as a purely intellectual game of course, to match the rhythm of our publications to the great rhythm of nature, working on a level which reflects the harmony  that  to our fathers was immediate and spontaneous, being a part of the tradition into which they were born, through  which they lived, and ultimately abbandoned themselves to, finally leaving this earthly life.

On our web-site, on the above mentioned dates, visitors will find an editorial article and a few  introductory  pages;  in the following three months we are going to work on and enrich the  documentation of the current publication which will conclude only at the end of the three month period, when the next publication will be ready to be published. We are programming a series of articles that will illustrate the neapolitan christmas crib in it’s various forms ( one of which you will find already included here), but also about places of not common interest in Naples and of the theorical aspects of symbols in general and also of the significance of symbols  in the christmas crib and in other artistic works to be found in our city of Naples.

We hope you enjoy reading our articles, and that you continue  to visit our web-site.



Notes for the construction of the neapolitan christmas crib

The popular neapolitan christmas crib consists of a series of downhill slopes, suggesting to the onlooker the idea of a trip, an extremely important trip  of which we shall presently  speak.......

Italo Sarcone



The 17TH century neapolitan crib figure in world museums

Thanks to  an enormous amount of  literature on the subject, numerous texts and important Authors, we have been given the origins , evolution and the transformations “ex novo”, regarding the neapolitan....  


Umberto Grillo