Year 1 - n.1 - December 2000


  “Not only the christmas crib”.

  Dear readers,

  as usual, in welcoming you to our multimedia magazine ,  we cannot but briefly outline  the  projects and methods regarding our research : “ not only the christmas  crib”  is the title of this publication, which indicates  our firm intention of not remaining  confined  to the  art of crib making ,  fascinating though it may be,  and in particular  the neapolitan stream, which in any case represents the prime subject of our magazine;  it must be said straight away , in fact, that the crib is a universal tradition of  christian civilization , being the symbol of the main event of the redemption, the physical birth of Jesus Christ; all the  same this tradition in Naples is particularly popular and continues to  grow in the  various aspects which we shall illustrate further on.

In the preparation of a crib , it is necessary not only the knowledge of traditions and techniques but also a profound  psychic strength that implicates an  emotional  involvement,  consequently we shall enlarge our  research to those subjects also , to those arguments that could be connected  to this fascinating christmas tradition, in one word, no aspect  will be left out from our study  which could bring explanations or clarifications in  the art of christmas cribs.