Year 3 - n.6 - September 2003


For tradition, the crib would have to be ready within 29th November, day which announces, by the sweet and sad sound of the bagpipes, the beginning of the Virgin’s Novena. For nine days, in front of the crib, still empty, the bagpipers will play their soft melodies. Then, after the 8th December, the bagpipes will stop to play and will begin again with the Christmas Novena.  

For the building of a crib, I will give you some practical advice: first, remember that a Crib, any crib, is always beautiful. I suggest you to prepare a plan by a drawing, then:

1)     take a board that must be bigger than the crib planned.

2)     Following the drawing, put on the wooden structure, fixing the boards with the nails.

3)     For the modelling of the rocks: prepare the plaster mixture carefully  ( use the “alabastrina” or the “scagliola”)

4)     For the mixture, make always small quantities, because it  becomes hard quickly.

5)     For the colour, you can use the colours in the small plastic bottles.

6)     The colours, dissolved in water, must be put in a spray.

7)     The painting depends on the taste and on the artistic skills.

8)     Remember, before starting the work,  to cover pavements,  furniture and walls with papers.

In the next number of our magazine we will speak about the crib made by cork. 


Have a good time and good-bye at the next number


Italo Sarcone