Year 2 - n.5 - December 2002



Dear Readers,

We are at the end of the second year of the issue of our magazine. During this year we have explored several aspects of crib world and have published the articles  following the succession of the seasons. Next year we will publish the articles in coincidence with the Virgin Mary's and some Saints' day. We will issue the first two numbers of magazine on 2nd February (Day of Virgin Mary's Purification) and on 19th March (Saint Joseph's day).

In this number, you will find an article on the Basilica di San Lorenzo Maggiore written by the doctor Tiziana Assante, graduated in Art History. 

In the next articles, I will speak also about my father's artisan work, who devoted himself to the statuary art in San Gregorio street.

Thank you and good-bye to the next number.



Italo Sarcone