Year 2 - n.4 - October 2002

Photos by Paolo Frunzio, text taken by the book "Die K÷nigliche Krippe" Domberg Museum Freising by Paolo Frunzio and Peter Steiner


The Freising Crib 



The Frisinga crib, called also Kingĺs crib, was put on in the local religious Museum in 1990. The   shepherds were bought in Palermo. They were been kept by religious women and were taken from Napoli to Palermo by Ferdinando King during the Neapolitan Revolution. The crib is made up of 135 shepherds, 73 animals and 350 accessories made, probably, in the second half of the eighteenth century by artists such as Giuseppe Sanmartino, Lorenzo Mosca, Angelo Viva, Ludovico Vaccaro, Nicola Vassallo e Giuseppe Picano.

The staging of the crib was made by A. Emple and M. Feichtmeir. The figures (animals, shepherds, magi and popular figures) are set according to the Neapolitan tradition and make up scenes of the Holy representation, scene of daily life and events that affect the Neapolitan imagination such as the Oriental men procession.




A special thankyou to our friend Paolo Frunzio for his collaboration and suggestions