Year 2 - n.1 - December 2001

Dear Reader,

unfortunately this Christmas will be more melancholic than usual for me. This year has brought me a great pain: at Easter some thieves, taking advantage of my absence, entered my home and profaned it during the night. They stole what I had got more precious and more sacred: all the objects of my father's artisan shop set in San Gregorio Armeno 50. That collection was a little shrine of memories, in which several works in terracotta and my father's, my brother's and my sister's sacred pictures were kept . There were also my objects. In short, they stole all the works and memories of Sarcone's family. They took away also my mother's job, because she lovingly and skillfully devoted herself to the making of clay and the baking of the articles .It hasn't been only a sentimental damage, but it is a harm to culture because the "memories" of a life, that my family dedicated to the art and the faith, have been lost.

 Today someone, who thinks to be an art-lover, has got those works that my family made, saved and kept with difficulty for over 50 years.
Among several works the most beautiful and representative one was the model of an Assumption, full of characters and meaning. In the next numbers I 'm going to speak about it, now you can enjoy it looking at its image:My father wasn't very lucky on earth about material goods. This burglary doesn't allow me to illustrate you his work at best, even if there are several works in many churches in Naples and in Campania. So if you wanted to look for their traces, you could find them and appreciate my father's working skill and his spiritual richness too.
I will speak about my father's shop in the next articles if you want, dear Reader. Now I wish you Merry Christmas that surely will be better than mine.

In die festo beatae Luciae Virginis e Martyris 


Italo Sarcone