Year 2 - n.1 - December 2001


Dear readers, It is again the winter solstice, and so the second year of life of our magazine starts. The great number of readers, who are visiting our site, stimulate us to work even harder. For this reason we are trying to give to our researches an organization more intellegible, showing most the logical lines of crib discourse. The articles, published in the previous numbers of our crib magazine,  were written according to authors'main interests. They had the purpose of  arousing an intellectual curiosity and supporting a general approch  to this wonderful subject. Continuity in the choice of articles  helped us to find some particular arguments, too. It will be interesting  to go into them in the following publications. They are: 1) Historical and symbolic subject: all the articles dedicated to history of crib  (and on Christmas) and to the symbolic value of various elements that make up it; 2) Art and Craft: artists and craftsmen who have been working in the crib  sector; pages dedicated to the publication of cribs suggested by crib-lovers; 3)The Background: streets, squares, churches, monuments which are linked to our discourse one way or another; 4) The crib in the world: description of several crib traditions and, when  it is possible, comparision with the Neapolitan crib. Our magazine will dedicate to each argument a special section. We always hope to arouse your curiosity about one of the most interesting  cheerful and cultural events. 


Italo Sarcone